Sid Raymond

"L'Chaim" -- To Life

Sid at 90
had its world premiere at

The 12th Annual New York
at Lincoln Center January 14, 2003

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Sid Raymond in 1935.

Sid at 90 is a 27-minute video that spotlights actor, comedian, impersonator and variety performer Sid Raymond, and challenges the popular assumption that celebrity defines success. An inspiration for anyone who has ever clung to a passion, Sid Raymond concedes that, as an actor, he was never a star. But in the context of an enduring spirit, fame seems somehow beside the point.

"My brother Sid was an actor from the time he was practically two years old. He always used to imitate anyone who came to the house, and he did it perfectly. He was amazing. Absolutely amazing."

— Dorothy Amcher

Sid at 90 is a portrait of rare perseverance. It celebrates the love of performance that keeps an actor going, gig to gig, in spite of hard times, heartbreak, and virtual obscurity. It delivers pure enjoyment as it portrays the life of a journeyman actor and honors the systems that support him: Screen Actors' Guild, Actors' Equity, and AFTRA.

Through performing in variety, radio, cartoons, television, commercials, and motion pictures, Sid Raymond has dedicated his life to a craft that took him from the Catskill Mountains to the front in WW II, from summer stock to Broadway, and from Madison Avenue to Hollywood. Along the way he married, raised two daughters, and never gave up the desire to entertain.



"...just a terrific and interesting piece of work about a fascinating character. Given New York's love of the theatre and 'Show Biz' we all think the WLIW audience will be moved and inspired by the program...."

— Donn Rogosin
     Vice President of Marketing
     & Content Development

WLIW 21, the Long Island, New York Public Television Station, will broadcast Sid at 90 in early 2003. Award-winning documentary producer Howard Weinberg produced this film as a labor-of- love with help of interns, especially Dartmouth College students Rosemary Riley and Samantha Burdman who were the primary editors of Sid at 90.


Sid Raymond, now 93, in the Hollywood movie, Big Trouble, starring Tim Allen and Rene Russo and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

See Sid also in a national 10-10-220 commercial with Mike Piazza and Alf.

See Internet Movie Database t
o learn more about Sid Raymond's film and television credits.

     Summer Stock 1966, Pajama Game:
Liza Minelli,
Stanley Grover & Sid Raymond.

"I was a featured player if I was lucky, and a bit player. And from this you made a living?— Relativity, there it is."

Sid Raymond

We hope to screen Sid at 90 at other festivals, show it on other public television stations and find a distributor so that it may inspire and entertain audiences, especially those of young actors, seniors, and all
who are fascinated by the history of show business in the 20th century. We hope you will help us.


"Getting the job was the toughest part. Very, very difficult."

Sid Raymond

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