Howard Weinberg

Howard Weinberg Video Production

NAM JUNE PAIK & TV LAB: LICENSE TO CREATE, Weinberg's forthcoming feature documentary, is the story of freedom of expression, technological innovation and television's first digital revolution.  Before YouTube, before "Reality Television", before the Internet, artists and filmmakers pushed the boundaries of television at the TV LAB -- an experimental division of Channel 13/WNET public television from 1972-1984. Supported initially by the Rockefeller Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts at the urging of Nam June Paik, who wanted a place for artists to create new imagery on television, the TV LAB boasted a blue-screen ChromaKey studio, video synthesizers, and a digital time base corrector. It allowed artists to put their hands on the latest equipment to create what became the new global phenomena of video art. TV LAB also supported documentary makers who used the then new Port-a-Pak video cameras and recorders to revolutionize storytelling by going behind the scenes to capture spontaneous action that network television had ignored. TV LAB encouraged writers, directors, choreographers and animators to experiment and innovate.